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 Meh Artz D8

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Number of posts : 3
Age : 29
Location : Rhode Island
Job/Hobbies : Drawingz
Humor : D8 I have not a funneh bone to make jokes for.
Registration date : 2007-09-04

Meh Artz D8 Empty
PostSubject: Meh Artz D8   Meh Artz D8 Icon_minitimeTue Sep 04, 2007 8:08 am

D8 I draw poorly on computers and i have no scanner mine died on me it was tragic! I hate my mouse it glitches on me most of the time T_T.

Meh Artz D8 Bunnycoloreed Omg a bunneh boy!!! o_o

Meh Artz D8 Ryuk Ryuk <3 -Badly drawn D8-

Meh Artz D8 Tres Tres

Meh that be it for now, my other artz is not so look at able -_-! Lol!
Reasons being-
-So horrible they burn my eyes!!
-And others are half neked!!! o_o and they will burn your eyes!! Me=No anatomy skillz
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Meh Artz D8
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